Nutriment & Laverstoke Join Forces

Recent murmurings within the tight-knit pet food fraternity were indeed true! Nutriment has finally moved into its new state-of-the art production facility on the idyllic Laverstoke estate, a new, purpose-built facility that in one fell swoop doubles their 2015 production capacity, enabling them to meet the pet public’s blossoming appetite for Nutriment.
In addition Nutriment & Laverstoke have agreed to team up in a new joint venture that will initially result in the arrival of a new look, organic tier of biologically appropriate pet food under a striking new Laverstoke livery before later looking at the opportunities for a new collection of top-notch treats.
According to Nutriment founder, Suzanne Brock, ‘Laverstoke share our belief that raw is the future when it comes to providing exceptional pet food choices brimming with nutritional integrity. Our friendship was forged some while back because Nutriment has been a long-term beneficiary of their truly exceptional meats. Both parties now feel very strongly that BARF is at a pivotal point where a more joined up approach could bring some significant additional impetus to proceedings. Certainly the arrival of an organic sub-range fits snugly within Nutriment’s extensive portfolio that includes, Just, Nutriment Core and Dinner for Dogs.

Author: Claire Barks

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