3P launches Jackson Galaxy range


Jackson Galaxy (known as the ‘Cat Daddy’) is a celebrity cat behaviourist and host of the top-rated TV show “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet. The Jackson Galaxy range engage a cats raw instincts of hunt, catch, kill, eat, groom and sleep, the building blocks that define cat mojo and build cat confidence. The Products are manufactured by Doskocil, the US pet giant, and with Jackson’s insightful and innovate knowledge provide creative solutions to cat owners that are not currently offered in the market. The products bring about a closer relationship between cats and pet parents through interactive play and are designed to be easily understood by the pet parent, providing quality and long lasting playtime.


Jackson Galaxy has a large number of social media followers and with his own website offers cat owners access to his extensive knowledge of cat behaviour. Each of the products offers a link to the Jackson Galaxy website which offers additional insights tips and facts. There is also a large Youtube channel providing ideas and tip on how the get the best out of the products and engage your cat’s natural instincts.

Research shows that cat boredom can lead to negative and unwelcome behaviour such as hissing, swatting, scratching, overeating and lethargy. The Jackson Galaxy range offers products to overcome these problems through healthy play.

The range promotes the use of catnip to stimulate play and includes 2 catnip marinaters. Smaller products such as the Cat Dice, Puma Paw, Motor Mouse or Natural Rope toys can be dropped into the marinater along with some Jackson Galaxy Organic catnip and left overnight to infuse, leaving the toys fully charged and ready for a full day’s play. The marinaters can also be used to infuse other toys with catnip, refreshing a cat’s favourites and bringing them back to life.



Further information can be found online at www.3penterprise.co.uk, email  sales@3penterprise.co.uk or call 01594810990

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